you are who you pretend to be

my name is linds. short for lindsay, obviously.

i decided one day that i needed to make a personal blog. i don't post in it. but it's here.

i'm 17, and a bit of a dreamer, a sound designer by passion, and a bit of a sports addict.

boston, ma.

Ashlyn going down after her collision with Syd, everyone at Dilboy was nervous about it. Kriegs went over immediately, followed by the rest of the backline, and Syd came over after. And Kriegs got the ball for Ash before running over to the rest of the team. 

Ash got back up like a champ though, and got some great applause from the crowd.

Here, have some Canadians, they were all pretty great this match. (Wish Chappie was healed and Leon got in, but alas.)

DMath making a run, and then a few minutes later a little Rhian v Diana up the flank. They were a fun match-up to watch because they both knew exactly what each other’s moves would be.

HAO tried to chip Ashlyn but Ash was not about to get chipped two games in a row.

Krieger springing the attack along to Ochs, who had the assist on McCarty’s goal. DMath had a touch in there but the picture wicked blurry. 

Ashlyn vs Syd and the subsequent goal kick. (Ash really wanted the Spirit to get up field…)

Ashlyn asked the ref for the ball to test it out while they waited for the starting lineups to be announced. It was hilarious. The little girls in front of me thought she was super weird.

it’d be great if you didn’t steal ‘em, but whatever.

i smell like the auditorium. this is not cute.

oh, okay, no school because of the blizzard. that’s chill.

rehearsal instead? yeah, awesome, we open in two days.

sound called at 8am? DEAR GOD WHY.